We didn’t start the fire: But the Pizza Party sure did!

“The NY Green Police” are coming for your pizza ovens!

“The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP or the Department) is promulgating rules that would establish requirements for control devices to reduce emissions from cook stoves at restaurants in existence prior to May 6, 2016,” says the New York regulatory agency from July 27th’s public hearing. “The proposed rule provides that the operators of cook stoves that were installed prior to May 6, 2016 must hire a professional engineer or registered architect to assess the feasibility of installing emission controls on the cook stove to achieve a 75% reduction in particulate emissions. If this assessment concludes that a reduction of 75% or more cannot be achieved, or that no emissions controls can be installed, the assessment must identify any emission controls that could provide a reduction of at least 25% or an explanation for why no emission controls can be installed.”

The rule ALSO specifics that cook stove means “any wood-fired anthracite coal-fired appliance uses [primarily for cooking food for onsite consumption at a food service establishment…] for the preparation of food intended for onsite consumption or retail purchase.”

So yeah. We told ya they wouldn’t stop at our gas stoves. They want our pizza ovens too.

What we find funny though, is the fact that you would have to burn a pizza oven for 849 years to equal one year of travel on John Kerry’s private jet.

It is estimated that in 2021, Kerry’s private jet emitted roughly 116 metric tons of carbon in less than a year.

Wood-fired ovens emit an estimated 374 GRAMS a day.

Grams vs. metric tons?  Lol…yikes.

We think another fun thought is what they plan on replacing these ovens with. Electric Ovens? We hope not!

In New York, most of the electrical power comes from burning gas or coal. For a wood-fired pizza oven, all the heat of combustion is used to bake the pizza. Electrically heated appliances have to convert electrical power back to heat, burning far more gas or coal.

Even our favorite clean energy and tech billionaire, Elon Musk commented on a tweet remarking “This is utter bs. It won’t make a difference to climate change.”


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