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Gas Stove Ban Blocked in Newly Released Budget Bill Language

This week brings momentous news for gas stove enthusiasts and advocates of energy freedom. In a bipartisan Senate appropriations bill, a pivotal language has been incorporated that effectively blocks any future ban on gas stoves. At a time when natural gas has been facing increased scrutiny and controversy, this development is being hailed as a significant step towards safeguarding the right to choose how we cook our meals. With the language set to prevent the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) from imposing restrictions on gas stoves, it signifies a resounding win for those who cherish the tradition and practicality of cooking with gas.

The inclusion of this key measure has ignited a sense of relief and jubilation among gas stove users nationwide. For years, concerns had been mounting that government regulations might encroach on personal choices in the kitchen. With the gas stove ban now thwarted, Americans can continue to exercise their culinary preferences without interference.

The driving force behind this legislative triumph is Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who sponsored the gas stove amendment. In a written statement, Senator Manchin expressed his firm commitment to protect individual liberties in the face of an ever-increasing regulatory climate. “It’s past time for Washington bureaucrats to stop overreaching and telling American families how to cook their dinner,” he said. “As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I am proud to have secured this bipartisan amendment to prevent the Consumer Product Safety Commission from issuing any rule banning gas stoves and am committed to stopping the Biden Administration from extending their radical climate agenda to our kitchens.”

Indeed, this victory resonates with the core principles of freedom of choice and personal responsibility. For many, the gas stove represents more than just a cooking appliance; it embodies tradition, convenience, and a connection to our past. The versatility and control offered by gas stoves have made them an essential part of countless kitchens for generations. Moreover, gas stoves remain a vital option for those who live in areas with unreliable electrical grids or lack access to alternative cooking fuels.

What’s Next?

As the bill advances to the full Senate, the collective efforts of “Stovies” gain even greater importance. While the gas stove ban has been effectively blocked for now, achieving a final resolution requires garnering at least 60 votes in the Senate. This calls for continued advocacy and a unified front to ensure the preservation of energy freedom and the right to choose our preferred cooking methods.

The broader context of this legislative victory cannot be overlooked. It signals a growing recognition of the significance of energy freedom and individual choices, especially amidst ongoing debates about climate policies and sustainable practices. By defending the right to cook with gas, we assert that every American has the liberty to make decisions that align with their values and circumstances.

The successful incorporation of language blocking the gas stove ban in the Senate appropriations bill represents a remarkable win for those who cherish energy freedom and personal choice in the kitchen. Senator Manchin’s dedication to protecting this liberty highlights the importance of advocating for individual rights in a time of increased regulatory scrutiny. While the battle is not over yet, this significant milestone encourages “Stovies” to persist in their fight for kitchen independence. Let us unite and champion the right to cook with gas, ensuring that this culinary tradition remains an integral part of our lives for generations to come. Together, we celebrate this triumph and move forward with unwavering determination toward the ultimate goal of preserving energy freedom for all.

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  1. Many of us has users, both propane and natural, use our fuel for many other uses,as I’m sure you are aware. What is in the pipeline to protect these uses, and what can we do to help?

    1. You are absolutely right – stoves are the first step but their plan is to restrict all forms of nat gas products including propane. We are starting to gear up for this fight as well – stay with us and spread the word and look for a propane focused advocacy campaign starting in the fall.

      Thanks so much for your support.

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