Join Hands Off My Stove

Don’t believe them. The national movement to ban gas appliances is already underway. Dark-money leftist environmental groups and elitist elected officials are going to kick in our front doors and seat themselves at the very epicenter of our family life – right in our own kitchen. If successful they will be able to start dictating every other aspect of our lives; right down to how we prepare our meals, do our laundry, and heat our homes. This is a grotesque invasion of personal privacy. It is where we draw the line.

Are you willing to join with us in this fight?

By joining Hands Off My Stove – you will be teamed up with other like-minded people from across the country who will fight to keep the elitists out of our homes and kitchens.
Hands Off My Stove is a national and local advocacy campaign that will punch back hard against the elitist green groups and the local officials who so willingly bend to their demands.
Your support will help us hit them where it hurts.  We will hold them accountable for their actions and challenge them in the regulatory, the legal and the political arenas. We will embarrass them and shine a light on their actions.
When you join Hands Off My Stove, you will stay informed each week as you receive a very short note explaining.
  1. What is happening.
  2. What you can do about it. 
And – unlike the other side – we are not communists, so we will always make it worth your time.
For your troubles, each week we will also include something to make it worth your while.  It might be a new recipe, a discount, or an exclusive offer for the member of TeamStove.
Additionally – you can opt in to receive a more in-depth weekly newsletter from our partners at JustTheNews that specifically focuses on energy and consumer issues.
Our goal is to help you always be smartest person in the room.

Hands Off My Stove Also Provides:

  • Community: By joining this grassroots movement, you will be connected with like-minded individuals who are fighting to preserve your right to make your own decisions.
  • Advocacy: You can learn how to become an advocate for limiting the power of government and holding local officials accountable for their actions.
  • Education: You will be the most educated person in your neighborhood about how energy and consumer choices are linked and you an impress your friends at the neighborhood party.
  • Networking: Joining this group will provide several opportunities for interaction with industry professionals, policymakers, and other stakeholders in this fight. You will stay up to date on trends and developments in this fight to preserve our individual freedoms.
  • Influence: As a member of this grassroots organization, you will shape public discourse and policy decisions regarding the use of gas appliances in the home. You will be empowered as you see how your individual support really makes a difference on an important issue that affects the daily lives of many.

If you are concerned about the possibility of your gas stove being taken away by government regulation, here are some actions you can take:

Stay informed

Stay up to date with local and national regulations related to gas stoves and other gas appliances. Follow news articles, industry publications, and social media updates related to the topic. 

Join or support a grassroots organization

By joining a group, you can participate in activities such as lobbying lawmakers, writing letters to local newspapers, and attending public meetings. 

Educate others

Educate your friends, family, and community members about the benefits of gas stoves and why you believe they should not be outlawed. Share information and statistics that support your position.


Write letters to your local lawmakers and policymakers, attend public hearings, and voice your opinion to the media. You can also sign petitions or join campaigns that support the use of gas stoves.

It is important to stay informed, get involved, and take action to protect the use of gas stoves and other gas appliances. By advocating for their benefits and supporting alternative solutions, you can help ensure they continue to be available to consumers.