Do you have a spare $2,400 laying around to spend on your energy bill? Because We Don’t…

In the ever-changing landscape of energy policies, President Joe Biden’s decisions have raised eyebrows and fuelled debates across the nation. While he claims to champion green initiatives, his actions are causing quite a stir, especially in the wallets of hardworking American families.

Let’s start with the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), a region rich in energy potential. Biden’s drilling prohibition there has been met with mixed reactions. If you enjoy paying more for energy, then this move is a cause for celebration. For the rest of us, it’s akin to watching our hard-earned dollars go up in smoke, to the tune of an extra $2,400 on our annual energy bills.

Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline and his temporary moratorium turned permanent on oil and natural gas activities in ANWR have effectively closed off one of the nation’s energy treasure troves. But it doesn’t stop there. He’s also put the brakes on shipping liquefied natural gas by rail, limiting the transport of domestic natural gas, and increasing our dependence on energy imports. It’s almost like he’s playing a game of “How can we make energy more expensive?”

The consequences of these decisions are far-reaching. American industry, which relies heavily on abundant and affordable natural gas, is now facing a 70% increase in feedstock costs. Guess who bears the brunt of this cost hike? That’s right, you, the consumer. Higher prices ripple through the economy, affecting everything from everyday items to electricity bills.

Since Biden took office, energy prices have skyrocketed. Gasoline is up by 60%, diesel by 47%, natural gas by 25%, and propane by 23%. And let’s not forget the 70% surge in coal prices. These increases, combined with a 24% hike in electricity prices, are hitting American families where it hurts the most – their wallets.

Biden’s push for unreliable energy sources has only added fuel to the fire. Mandates forcing these sources into the electricity grid are yet another cost passed down to consumers. It’s almost like a never-ending cycle of price hikes, all while promises of a greener future hang in the balance.

The impact of these policies is staggering. American families are now forking out an average of $2,400 more on energy than they did when Biden took office. That’s a hefty price tag for the average family, especially in times when every dollar counts.

Biden’s hostility towards the domestic energy sector, his higher taxes, and burdensome regulations have created an environment where energy production is struggling to stay afloat. Oil production remains below pre-pandemic levels, causing the US to import more oil. Private oil stocks are dwindling, a situation we haven’t seen since 1985. And Biden’s focus on a “green” agenda seems to come at the expense of American energy independence.

While other nations, like the OPEC+ cartel, carefully manage their production, we find ourselves at the mercy of our enemies, paying the price both financially and in terms of national prestige. It’s a situation that leaves American families grappling with higher costs, and all for the sake of a green vision that seems to be growing costlier by the day.

In the end, the energy policies might be green in theory, but they are undeniably red – as in the red ink of American household budgets – in reality. And that’s not a color anyone wants to see on their financial statements.

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