Burned Out: Public Opinion Poll Reveals Frustration Over Gas Stove Ban

The War on your stoves sparks a rebellion- 2/3rds of Americans Stand against a proposed ban!

This revolutionary poll of 2,090 voters surveyed June 14-15 claims that 69% of voters are in opposition to any ban that would eliminate, phase out, or increase prices of gas stoves, while just 31% supported such a ban in a survey conducted by Harvard CAPS Harris.

Despite the gas ban being pushed by liberal and climate change activists, as well as primarily Democratic politicians, 55% of Democratic voters joined 83% of Republicans and 71% of self-proclaimed independent voters are saying “no way” to government rules that want to snatch away our beloved gas stoves.

In the fiery debate surrounding gas stove bans, it seems the flames of opposition are still burning strong. Despite the growing push for greener alternatives, the resistance to bid farewell to our trusty gas stoves remains unyielding.

It appears that the desire to hold on to traditional cooking methods is still deeply ingrained in our culinary culture. As we navigate this heated discussion, it becomes evident that finding a middle ground that addresses both environmental concerns and practicality may be the key to moving forward.

Check out one of our favorite stovies, 17 year old Spencer. He is holding strong in the fight against the stove nazi’s, and you can too! Join us in the fight to protect your choice of home appliances.

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