Hands Off My Stove!

Choose Our Own Kitchen Stoves (COOKS)

Do you know what powers over 60% of our electrical grid?  That’s right, natural gas and coal.

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A 501 (c)4 non-profit organization
Our mission at Hands Off My Stove (a project of COOKS) is to preserve our right to choose to cook our meals any way we want without government interference.  We are defending the rights of cooks and homeowners from the elitist policy makers and politicians who think they have the right to tell you how to make dinner. 

We are pushing back against the climate activists who believe global warming happens because you made pasta last night.  We have had enough, and we are fighting back.

Why This Matters

After hearing talk of the left’s goal for an electric grid to power the nation, you probably have had some questions.  The biggest question is “What powers that electric grid?”  The left hides the truth behind tantalizing and baseless promises of wind turbines and electric cars, but we are here to tell you the reality of the situation: 

  • Green energy is powered by fossil fuels.  Did you know that 60% of our electric grid is powered by natural gas and coal?
  • Batteries can be deadly.  Lithium batteries can combust and burst into flames when they get too hot.
  • The materials used in batteries are sourced from lithium mines that are polluting the air and water.
  • Despite the fact that US companies have engineered safe and clean ways to extract oil and gas, the left demands that we out-source our oil from places like China, India, Russia, and Venezuela.  These countries use notoriously harmful methods for drilling and hydrofracking.
  • Wind turbines severely disrupt the natural environment and they kill 328,000 birds a year.

Hands Off My Stove Will

  • Oppose any regulations or policies that would prohibit or restrict the use of traditional gas appliances in homes and commercial kitchens.
  • Promote the development of affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly gas appliances and work with manufacturers and distributors to ensure these products are widely available to consumers.
  • Work with local and state governments to ensure the availability of gas infrastructure for all citizens.
  • Ensure a level playing field for all kitchen appliance types.
  • Advocate for consumer choice in the kitchen appliance market, and work to protect the rights of consumers to choose the appliances that best meet their needs and preferences.
  • Promote education and training programs for consumers, installers, and service professionals to improve awareness of the benefits and safe use of gas appliances.